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Pickaxe, is an AI Powered tool to create app and embed GPT-4-powered apps on your website in a minutes, without the need for coding.

Tailor AI to your expertise by utilizing your documents, data, and specific directions to harness the power of AI, With Pickaxe, you can share your AI powered apps anywhere, monitor the performance and enhance the capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Code Free App Creation: Easily create app and embed GPT-4 apps on your website without coding.
  • AI Training: Train the AI using your own documents, data, and directions, making it a personalized tool, aligns with your expertise.
  • Share Anywhere: Seamlessly share your AI-powered apps across various platforms to reach a wider audience.
  • Monitoring and Improvement: Keep track of app performance and engage in continuous improvement.
  • Visual Prompt Framing Builder: The intuitive and visual prompt-framing builder is designed for non technical users, any one can create app easily.

Use Cases:

  • Personalized AI Apps: Create AI applications tailored to your specific expertise, enhancing their relevance and utility.
  • Easy Embedding: Embed GPT-4 apps on your website effortlessly, enriching user experience without the need for coding skills.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Share AI-powered apps across different platforms to disseminate knowledge and insights widely.
  • Continuous Enhancement: Monitor app performance and iteratively improve them to ensure they remain effective and relevant.


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