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Pinokio, is a powerful browser that provides a seamless one-click solution to install, run, and control ANY application automatically from your computer.

Pinokio advance features including tools for audio and video editing, text generation using a web UI for large language models, and image generation with latent consistency models.

Key Features:

  • Universal Application Control: Install, run, and control any application on your computer effortlessly with just one click.
  • Audio and Video Editing Tools: Pinokio includes powerful tools like AudioCraft_plus, Audio Webui, and AudioLDM 2 for audio editing and video editing.
  • Text Generation with Language Models: Generate text seamlessly using a web UI that harnesses the power of large language models.
  • Image Generation with Latent Consistency Models: Explore creative possibilities to generate image using latent consistency models.

Use Cases:

  • IllusionDiffusion Art Creation: Generate captivating illusion artwork effortlessly using AI IllusionDiffusion feature.
  • ComfyUI Stability: Experience the benefits of a powerful and modular stable diffusion Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a graph/nodes interface.
  • Real-time BakLLaVA Insights: Utilize Allama.cpp with the BakLLaVA model in real-time, gaining valuable insights into what it sees through Pinokio.
  • Whisper-WebUI Subtitling: Simplify the process of adding subtitles using a whisper model with the help of a web UI, courtesy of Pinokio’s Whisper-WebUI feature.



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