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Recap is an open-source browser extension designed to summarize text directly on web pages using ChatGPT technology. It enhances the reading experience by splitting articles into passages, allowing you to summarize any part of the text easily. Recap leverages ChatGPT for smart splitting and summarization.

Key Features:

  • Text Summarization: Summarize text directly on webpages without the need to switch between tabs or applications.
  • Passage Splitting: Articles are divided into manageable passages, which makes it easier to summarize and focus on specific parts.
  • Open-Source Extension: Recap is an open-source project that fosters transparency and collaboration within the development community.
  • Enhanced Reading Experience: Providing summarized passages enhances the reading experience, allowing you to quickly get key points without reading the entire article.

How It Works: 

Simply install the Recap browser extension, which integrates with your web browser. When browsing articles online, you can activate Recap to split the text into passages and generate summaries using ChatGPT technology. You can then read the summarized content directly within the webpage.


Use Cases:

  • Research: Researchers can use it to summarize academic articles and research papers to extract key findings and insights.
  • Studying: Students can summarize textbook chapters and study materials to learn key concepts and prepare for exams.
  • Content Curation: Content creators and bloggers can use Recap to summarize articles for content curation.


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