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Rewind is your personal AI assistant with all the context that records everything you see, say, or hear. It quietly runs in the background, capturing your screen and audio without bothering you.

It compresses, transcribes, encrypts, and keeps your data safe on your device and provides you full control to pause or delete the data at any time and exclude specific posts and private browsing.

Key Features:

  • All Context Assistant: It leverages everything you’ve encountered for personal assistance.
  • Automated Note Taking: Record meetings by auto-recording and using human-level meeting summaries.
  • Data Security: Local storage ensures data privacy with encryption and exclusive access controls.
  • Information Retrieval: Scroll back in time to retrieve lost information quickly and efficiently.
  • Optimized: Rewind AI is designed to make of Apple Silicon, utilizing nearly every component of the System on a Chip (SoC).


  • Shareable Summaries: Record meetings and share detailed summaries with your colleagues.
  • Data Safety Net: Avoid lost work with an automatic backup system for all your captured data.
  • AI-Powered Assistance: Leverage AI to draft emails, find details, and summarize research seamlessly.
  • Personalized ChatGPT: Enjoy the power of GPT-4, tailored for customized interactions.
  • Email Automation: Automate email drafts and streamline your communication process.


Rewind AI combines the power of GPT-4 with a focus on personalized assistance and comprehensive data management, making it a valuable tool for intelligent workflow.


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