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RunwayML, offers a suite of AI magic tools designed to transform the creative process, including the Motion brush, make videos, Create Images, Infinitely expand images, Reimagine images, train custom models and many more.

Spearheading the evolution of art, entertainment, and human creativity with a mission to propel creativity forward through AI.

Key Features:

  • GEN-2 Recent Runway Model Release: The latest model release from Runway represents a significant advancement in AI capabilities, opening new frontiers for creative expression.
  • AI Magic Tools: Runway offers a suite of AI magic tools designed to transform the creative process, including the Motion Brush, Generate Videos, Generate Images, Infinitely Expand Images, Reimagine Any Image, Train Custom Models.
  • Remove Anyone or Anything From Video: Erase Things from Videos, Slow Mo video, make images move, and Remove background.
  • No Lights, No Camera: Breakthrough technology allows users to realistically and consistently synthesize new videos using only text, eliminating the need for lights or cameras.
  • Infinitely Expand Images: Runway enables the expansion of images to infinite possibilities, providing a canvas for boundless creative exploration.
  • Custom Model Training: Users can train custom models, tailoring the AI to their specific creative visions and objectives.

Use Cases:

  • Text To Video: Runway empowers users to synthesize new videos realistically and consistently using only text inputs, revolutionizing the filmmaking process.
  • Creative Image Expansion: The ability to infinitely expand images opens up creative avenues for artists and designers seeking unique visual expressions.
  • Custom AI Model Training: Runway caters to users looking to train custom AI models, allowing for personalized and tailored creative applications.
  • Background Removal and Manipulation: The AI tools provided by Runway facilitate tasks such as remove objects from videos, make images move, and remove backgrounds, streamlining creative workflows.


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