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Samplab is an Innovative AI tool that marks the next frontier in audio sampling. It empowers you to Manipulate Audio samples in a ways never seen before.

Key Features:

  • AI Powered Audio Manipulation: Samplab utilizes advanced AI technology, enabling users to modify individual notes within audio samples. It goes beyond by detecting and editing chords while maintaining key integrity even after modifications.
  • Export as MIDI: Take your edited audio to the next level by exporting it as MIDI files, providing enhanced flexibility and integration with other music production tools.
  • Tempo and Key Matching: Samplab effortlessly matches the tempo and key of different samples, manthe process of creating cohesive musical arrangements. Adapt chords, melodies, and drums with ease.
  • Stem Splitting: Break down music into stems, granting full access to all notes in any audio.
  • Format Compatibility: Samplab supports various audio file formats, ensuring compatibility with a diverse range of audio sources and projects.

Use Cases:

  • Creative Modification: Sound designers can explore boundless creative options by splitting music into stems and tweaking individual notes.
  • Revolutionizing Music Production: it transforms music production by offering AI precision in manipulating audio samples. Change notes, create harmonious arrangements effortlessly.
  • Audio Restoration: Use Samplab to restore and enhance audio recordings. Correct off-key notes, refine musical elements, and breathe new life into old or damaged tracks.


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