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Tabnine, is your AI code assistant designed to help the developers more faster  by providing whole line and full function code.

Tabnine also ensures that your code remains private, and secure throughout the development process, This tool is Trusted by millions of developers globally.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent Autocompletion: Autocompletes lines of code and suggests complete functions based on function declarations, streamlining coding tasks.
  • Natural Language Code Generation: Generates code blocks based on natural language comments, translating developer intent into functional code.
  • Permissive Open-Source Training: Trained exclusively on permissive open source repositories, respecting developers’ intent and avoiding copyleft exposure.
  • Local Adaptation: Allows local adaptation to your codebase and knowledge base without exposing sensitive code, promoting customization.
  • Secure Hosting Options: Runs in fully isolated mode, ensuring security, privacy, and compliance, and can be hosted in your preferred environment (secured SaaS, on-premise, or VPC).
  • Privacy and Security: Ensures the utmost privacy and security by avoiding exposure of intellectual property (IP) and compliance risks.

Tabnine Pricing Page

Overall, Tabnine offers best AI assistant for developers, combining efficiency, security, and compliance to elevate the coding experience and accelerate software delivery.

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