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Teachable Machine

Teachable Machine, is a web based tool that allows you to create machine learning models easily.

It’s like magic โ€“ you teach your computer to recognize your own images, sounds, and poses without any coding skills, TeachableMachine makes smart computer models for your websites.


  • Fast and easy creation of machine learning models.
  • No expertise or coding required.
  • Web based tool accessible to everyone.
  • Train with images, sounds, or poses.
  • Export and use the model in your projects.
  • Respectful of your privacy, use it entirely on-device if you prefer.

How to Use:

  1. Collect pictures, sounds, or poses you want your computer to learn.
  2. Sort them into categories or classes for the computer to understand.
  3. Let the computer learn from your examples โ€“ Train Your Model.
  4. See if your computer can correctly recognize new examples instantly.
  5. Use your trained model in your websites, apps, and more, you can download it or host it online.
  6. Use it with files or capture live examples โ€“ you decide how you want to work.


It’s like turning your computer into a smart friend that learns from you!

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