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Trickle, helps to turn your screenshot chaos into gold, a transformative tool utilizing GPT-4 Vision, Trickle decodes the essence of your captures by uploading screenshots, you declutter your camera roll, maintain organization, and never forget important details.

Trickle provides AI-generated insightful summaries, particularly effective for text-heavy and unstructured diagrams, retrieve and interact with saved screenshots effortlessly.

What Can be Achieved with Trickle:

  • Extract Insights: Uncover valuable insights hidden within the screenshots.
  • Diagram Understanding: Identify and highlight essential information from diagrams.
  • Transform Content: Transform handwritten content into digital form for easy accessibility.
  • Effortless Search: Easily search through your organized screenshots for quick retrieval.
  • Semantic AI Interaction: Ask the AI about semantic results, enhancing user interaction.
  • Graphics Recognition: Recognize and interpret non-text-based graphics within your screenshots.
  • Plain Text Extraction: Extract plain text using traditional OCR for diverse content understanding.



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Trend AI Tools

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