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Validator AI offers a free platform of startup validator, Input your startup idea and the AI will validate it for you, providing essential feedback for marketing, customer development, and analyzing the competition.

This AI-customized startup accelerator provides a day-by-day roadmap based on the curriculum taught by the world’s top accelerators.


  • AI-Validated Startup Ideas: Input your startup idea, and the AI will validate it, offering important considerations and steps to take.
  • Customized Roadmap: Receive a day-by-day roadmap tailored to your goals, experience level, and ideas, ensuring your accelerator journey is unique to you.
  • AI-Powered Mentor Chatbot: Access an AI-powered startup mentor chatbot to guide you through each day’s activities and answer questions.
  • Idea Generation: Don’t have an idea? this AI can generate one for you, ensuring everyone can participate in the startup accelerator.
  • Progress Tracking: Complete daily tasks to track progress and see results happening incrementally.

How It Works:

Just Input your startup idea and receive validation and important considerations from the AI, then follow a customized day-by-day roadmap crafted by the AI based on your goals and experience level.

An AI-powered mentor chatbot is available to provide guidance and answer questions along the way.

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