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Voice Swap is a groundbreaking AI-powered tool crafted by DJ Fresh and Nico Pellerin. It uses AI to transform vocals to match the style of singers, Ideal for producers, artists, and writers.

Key Features of Voice Swap

  • Vocal Transformation: Effortlessly transform vocals to match the style of featured artists for a unique touch.
  • Studio Quality Demos: Create professional grade demos without the need for an expensive studio setup by using VoiceSwap .
  • Pitch and Tone Adjustment: Fine tune pitch, tone, and melody for the perfect vocal rendition, aligning with your artistic vision.
  • Octave Experimentation: Explore different octaves to match the artist’s natural pitch, adding versatility to your music.

Possible Use Cases

  • Remote Collaborations: Connect with artists globally, enhancing creativity and expanding your musical network.
  • Demo Creation: Craft polished demos with vocals that perfectly complement your music, capturing your artistic essence.
  • Songwriting Enhancement: Find the ideal vocal match to enhance the emotive impact of your songwriting.
  • AI-Generated Melodies: Transform your melodies with AI generated vocals.
  • Custom Vocal Replacement: Replace inadequate vocal samples with custom AI generated vocals.


Pricing of Voice Swap

  • Beginner: $6.25/month – 10 minutes of audio credits, with other listed feature.
  • Pro: $8.99/month – 30 minutes of audio credits, with other listed feature.
  • Unlimited: $34.99/month – Unlimited audio credits & other listed feature with GPU powered models (2X Faster).
  • Top Up: 15 minutes of audio credits for $11.99, no subscription required.


*For More details Kindly Visit to the website, as the Price may vary over the time.

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