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Voicemaker stands as an advanced text to speech tool, which allow you to convert text to human voices, with support for multiple languages and regions for a global user base.

You have the flexibility to customize various aspects of the voice profile, including pauses, emphasis, speed, pitch, and volume, tailoring the audio output to their preferences.

Key Features

  • Customizable Voice Profile
  • Multilingual Support
  • Audio File Sharing
  • Versatile Application Support

Use Cases of Voicemaker

  • Audiobook Production: It has feature to create engaging audiobooks with expressive voices.
  • Podcast Enhancement: Content creators in the podcasting realm can leverage Voice maker to add diverse and personalized voices to their productions.
  • Accessible E-Learning: Educators and e-learning professionals can utilize Voicemaker to generate voiceovers for educational content.
  • Dynamic YouTube Content: Enhance YouTube videos by adding human sounding voices, adding a professional and captivating element to the content.



It comes with 4 different plan, Free, Basic, Premium, Business, with Monthly & Yearly Pricing.

but it’s most popular plan is Yearly “Premium Plan“.

voicemaker pricing


Pros & Cons

Pros of Voicemaker:

  • Tailor voice profiles with adjustable pauses, emphasis, speed, & pitch.
  • supports multiple languages and regions.
  • easy sharing of generated audio files across platforms.
  • developer friendly API for seamless integration


Cons of Voicemaker:

  • Customization options may be overwhelming for beginners, requiring some time to become familiar.
  • Generating complex voice profiles may take longer, impacting speed for large content volumes.


Why Choose Voicemaker

voicemaker for commercial use

Behind its excellence, Voicemaker boasts a substantial user base, with 2.5 million+ registered users from over 120 countries worldwide, On a daily basis, a staggering 150 million+ text characters are converted into voiceovers using this powerful tool.


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