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Airparser, powered by GPT, offers an efficient solution for automating data extraction within minutes, this revolutionary tool enables the structured data extraction from emails, PDFs, and documents, with the capability to export parsed data to any application in real-time.

It is a game-changer for automating data extraction, making it accessible and efficient for various data sources and applications.

Key Features of Airparser:

  • GPT Powered Extraction: Airparser harnesses the power of GPT for swift and accurate data extraction.
  • Swift Setup: Set up in just 2 minutes, ensuring effortless and efficient data extraction.
  • Versatile Data Extraction: Seamlessly extract data from scanned documents, images, and handwritten notes.
  • Wide Data Source Support: Effortlessly parse text, emails, PDFs, images, HTML, and more, expanding its utility.

Possible Use Cases:

  • Email Data Extraction: Airparser is ideal for extracting structured data from emails, enhancing data organization and retrieval.
  • Document Parsing: Revolutionize document handling by effortlessly extracting data from PDFs, enabling efficient data utilization.
  • Real time Data Export: Export parsed data in real time to any application, improving workflow automation.
  • Handling Varied Data Sources: Versatile data extraction capabilities make it suitable for scanned documents, handwritten notes, images, and more.
  • Comprehensive Text Parsing: Effortlessly parse various text formats, including HTML, to streamline data processing.


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