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AutoCode Pro is an AI-powered free No Coding Platform that transforms your app ideas into actual code. It’s like your personal junior developer. Using AutoCode Pro, you can describe your app vision, and the AI will turn your words into actual code for Chrome extensions, web apps, or mobile apps.

Key Features:

  • Convert Text-to-Code: Describe your app idea, and AutoCode Pro will generate a ready-to-use codebase.
  • Chrome Extension Creation: Describe your desire for a Chrome extension, and the AI will handle the coding for you.
  • Customizable Codebase: The AI-generated code is yours to deploy or customize according to your preferences.
  • Supported App Types: Currently supports Chrome extensions, web apps, and mobile apps, with expansion plans.

How It Works:

  • Define Your App: Outline your app vision, including the functionalities, design elements, and features you desire.
  • Prompt AutoCode Pro: Auto Code Pro generates code by parsing your app’s description using AI technology.
  • Receive Your Codebase: In just a short time, You will receive a comprehensive, ready-to-use codebase for your app.


Use Cases:

  • App Developers: Speed up the development process by letting it handle the coding based on your descriptions.
  • Entrepreneurs: Bring your app ideas to life without coding knowledge.
  • Product Managers: Create prototypes and new app features in record time for testing and feedback.
  • Hobbyists: Experiment with new app ideas without the complexity of coding from scratch.


AutoCode Pro revolutionizes app development by providing an easy and efficient way to turn your ideas into code. Whether you want to create a Chrome extension, web app, or mobile app, This AI takes care of the coding so you can focus on bringing your vision to life.


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