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Bluf AI, is an AI-powered web page assistance tool that provides concise answers, explanations, and summaries of web pages.

Available on Chrome and Firefox, BLUF defines a prompt as any user-sent message, encompassing text based requests for summarization or explanation, users can pose multiple questions within one message, constituting a single prompt.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Web Assistance: Bluf harnesses AI capabilities to provide users with concise answers, web page summaries, and web page explanations.
  • Browser Compatibility: Available on Chrome and Firefox browsers, easily integrate.
  • Prompt Based Interaction: Bluf categorizes a prompt as a message seeking summarization or explanation, even if multiple questions are present in a single message, they are counted collectively as one prompt.
  • Data Retention Policy: It collects usage data and content prompt answers while prioritizing user privacy, data is retained up to 30 days, aligning with privacy-conscious practices.

Use Cases:

  • Quick Summarization: Rapidly summarize lengthy articles, provides a condensed overview of content.
  • Concise Answers: Obtain precise and concise answers to intricate questions, leveraging Bluf’s AI capabilities for clarity.
  • Technical Jargon: Decode technical jargon on web pages effortlessly, making complex information more accessible.


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