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Cascadeur is go-to solution AI to Generate 3D animations keyframe, especially for humanoid or other characters.

You can swiftly create key poses, instantly visualize the physical outcome, and tweak secondary motions—all while maintaining complete control.

With the AutoPhysics tool, achieve lifelike and natural motion easily, and you can effortlessly add customized secondary motions to specific body parts.

Key Features:

  • AI-Assisted Animation: Cascadeur leverages AI to assist you in posing, handling physics, and managing secondary motions in keyframe animation.
  • Ease of Use: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced animator, Cascadeur AI ensures easy process.
  • Swift Pose Creation: With AI-powered tools, Generate key poses quickly and see the physical impact instantly.
  • AutoPhysics Tool: Achieve realism in motion effortlessly, making your animations look natural with minimal manual alterations.
  • Customizable Secondary Motions: Tailor secondary motions for different body parts at specific intervals, giving you precise control over the animation’s nuances.

Use Cases:

  • Create Animation: Create 3D keyframe animations for humanoid or various character types.
  • Effortless Editing: Easily edit existing animations or start from scratch, Get user-friendly interface.
  • Realistic Motion: Use the Auto Physics Tool to infuse your animations with real movements.
  • Fine-Tuned Control: Customize secondary motions for different body parts, ensuring your animation is just the way you envision it.


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