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EraseID, the AI face anonymizer tool developed by PiktID, it is your go-to solution for advertising and privacy protection.

Create fresh identities from images by checking authenticity and privacy, Seamlessly fine tune expressions, ethnicity, or age to align with your campaign.

Face Replacement offers privacy by replacing identities in pictures, while Identity generation lets you create models with the help of AI.

Key Features:

  • Face Replacement: Protect privacy by replacing identities in pictures.
  • Generate models: Generate unique models with the help of AI.
  • AI Face Editing: Edit face features, origin, age & hair style.
  • Core Features: AI face anonymizer, AI Hairstyle generator, AI Facial expression changer.

Possible Use Cases:

  1. Marketing Professionals:
    • Tailored Imagery for Global Outreach.
    • Use AI-edited photos without model release.
    • Adapt models for targeted campaigns worldwide.
  2. Privacy Protectors:
    • AI-Powered Image Anonymization.
    • Keep visual aesthetics while ensuring privacy.
    • Always stay GDPR compliant.
    • Transition from blurring to AI face anonymization.
  3. Enterprises:
    • Amplify Your Image Assets.
    • Broaden your stock photo spectrum.
    • High-resolution AI generative fill for face replacement.
  4. Photographers:
    • Revamp portraits with AI created faces.
    • Diversify your visual collection.
    • Modify faces to match client specifications.
  5. Graphic Designers:
    • Fuel Creativity with AI-Generated Faces.
    • Swift AI powered face retouches.
    • Dive into a library of unique facial expressions.


Overall, Erase ID is your comprehensive solution for image editing and anonymization, offering a range of features to meet the diverse needs of marketing professionals, privacy protectors, enterprises, photographers, and graphic designers.


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