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Kreado AI is an advanced digital platform for Marketing Content Creation to create multilingual videos starring virtual characters. It offers AI videos and lifelike avatars, making it easy to create digital avatar videos for various applications.

With a vast library of over 300 digital human images featuring different ages, colors, and professions, Kreado AI offers diverse marketing solutions and instant text-to-speech conversion with human-like AI voices and postures.

Key Features:

  • Digital Avatar Videos: Access over 300 real-life digital characters to create captivating videos.
  • Voice Clone: Replicate human-like voices and tonalities by submitting a 5-minute audio sample.
  • Multi-language Support: Choose from 140+ languages and 1000+ voice timbres for diverse content creation.
  • AI-Generated Marketing Copy: Access AI-generated marketing copy, streamlining the process of crafting compelling narratives for your videos.
  • AI Video Creation: Utilize AI-generated text-to-speech to replace human voices and enhance video production.
  • Talking Photo: Generate spoken videos from AI-generated photos of people by inputting text.
  • Digital Human PPT Creation: Upload PowerPoint presentations to create digital population broadcast videos.
  • Live Streaming: Quickly set up live streaming rooms featuring digital avatars for effective marketing.

Kreado AI Pricing:

Kreado AI Pricing

How It Works:

  • Choose from various digital characters and select the desired language and voice timbre.
  • Use the voice clone feature to replicate human-like voices based on submitted audio samples.
  • Incorporate AI-generated text-to-speech to enhance video content with lifelike voices and gestures.
  • Create engaging digital avatar videos, photos, and digital human PPT presentations effortlessly.
  • Enhance marketing strategies with live streaming sessions featuring digital avatars for increased engagement.


Use Cases:

  • Marketing Campaigns: Create compelling digital avatar videos to reduce costs and achieve better growth in marketing campaigns.
  • Educational Content: Utilize AI-generated text-to-speech to enhance educational videos and presentations.
  • Live Events: Set up live streaming rooms with digital avatars for interactive and engaging live events.
  • Product Demonstrations: Showcase product features and benefits through lifelike digital avatar videos for effective demonstrations.


Kreado AI revolutionizes marketing content creation with its advanced features and capabilities, offering a seamless solution for generating engaging digital avatar videos and other multimedia content. By leveraging AI technology, businesses can enhance their marketing strategies and achieve better results.


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