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Legalysis, is an AI-powered tool which helps to analyze and summarize legal documents, offering a time-saving solution for law firms, corporate legal departments, and individuals.

Legalysis AI utilizes cutting-edge LLM (Legal Language Model) technology to provide modern and efficient solutions for legal analysis.


Two Main Services:

  1. Analyze Documents: Leverage the power of advanced AI technology, which gets deep into contracts and legal documents, It excels in detecting potential risks and issues with remarkable accuracy.
  2. Document Summarization: Benefit from the robust LLM (Legal Language Model) that converts dense, lengthy legal documents into brief, one page summaries, this model retains critical information, presenting it in a simplified format for a quick overview of the document.

Legalysis AI provides a modern approach to document analysis and summarization, whether you’re in a law firm or corporate legal department, this tool is designed to save your time and reduce complexity.


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