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Nexa AI allows you to Create AI Companions that understand and complete tasks for you in apps 4x faster and 10x cheaper. It is revolutionizing human-computer interaction by shifting from traditional GUI interactions to natural language prompts. With Nexa AI, you can interact with software more intuitively and human-likely.

Top Features:

  • AI Agent Foundation Models: This foundation model covers various app categories such as shopping, travel booking, video streaming, and video conferencing.
  • AI Agent API: Experience ultra-low latency at approximately 0.3 seconds. This model is 4X faster and 10X cheaper, offering 100 times more rate limiting than GPT-4o in function calling.
  • Local Deployment: Integrate the AI agent models via API or deploy them on-device for enhanced flexibility and performance.
  • Innovative Functional Tokens and Octopus Models: Its advanced models provide more accurate AI solutions, operating 4 times faster than OpenAI’s GPT-4 API and with a latency of around 0.3 seconds.

How It Works:

  • Natural Language Interaction: Interact with software applications using natural language prompts instead of navigating through traditional GUIs.
  • Foundation Models: Nexa AI’s foundation models process these natural language inputs to perform various functions across various app categories.
  • API Integration: Developers can integrate Nexa AI’s models into their applications through API, supporting both cloud-based and on-device deployments.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: Its AI agents deliver responses with ultra-low latency, ensuring quick and efficient interaction.


Use Cases:

  • Shopping: You can find products, compare prices, and make purchases using natural language queries.
  • Travel Booking: Plan trips, book flights, and reserve accommodations through conversational prompts.
  • Video Streaming: Discover and watch content by asking for recommendations or specific titles.
  • Video Conferencing: Schedule and manage meetings and interact with participants using natural language commands.


Nexa AI uses advanced AI technology to create more human-like and intuitive software interactions. By offering faster, cheaper, and more accurate AI agent models, Nexa AI is changing the way we interact with software, making it easier and more efficient for all users. Whether deployed through the cloud or on devices, Nexa AI ensures a smooth and natural user experience, simplifying traditional software navigation.


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