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PDFGPT IO, is a versatile tool that leverages OpenAI API for uploading and interacting with PDF files through a chat interface, you can access a demo video and join the Discord community for additional information.

Key Features:

  • OpenAI API Integration: Utilize your OpenAI API key to upload PDFs and engage in interactive chats with the documents.
  • Demo Video and Discord Community: Access a demo video for a walkthrough and join the Discord community for more insights.
  • Usage Plans: While a free version is available with a 1000-page limit, PDFGPT offers subscription plans, including Advanced, Ultimate, and Premium options.
  • API Integration: Integrate PDFGPT’s functionality into websites, mobile apps, and other applications using the provided API.

Use Cases:

  • Summarization: Ideal for researchers and educators to summarize lengthy reports and extract key information from PDF documents.
  • Generate Content: Business professionals can generate new documents based on specific criteria.
  • Data Extraction: Useful to extract data from large sets of PDF documents.
  • Multi-PDF Work: You can efficiently work with multiple PDFs in different tabs, boost productivity.


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