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Polycam Material Generator

Polycam Material Generator stands at the forefront to Create 3D from text, bringing accessibility to everyone through a text prompt.

It is Developed by Polycam with effortless production of lifelike text to 3D animation for integration into models and games. Whether envisioning a ‘mossy stone’ or a ‘flower pattern.

Key Features:

  • Customization: The more specific your text prompt, the more tailored and precise the generated textures become.
  • Multiple Outputs: With a single prompt, receive up to four tileable textures, providing a range of options to suit your preferences.
  • Compatibility: Directly integrate generated textures into popular 3D software like Blender, SketchUp, and Unreal Engine.

Use Cases:

  • Animation Production: Animators can streamline their workflow by generating textures that align with the artistic vision of their projects.
  • Game Development: Game designers can swiftly produce high-quality textures for in-game environments and character models using the Polycam Material Generator.


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