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Polyhive AI is a cutting-edge platform offering Generative AI for 3D Professionals, allowing you to supercharge your 3D workflows. Automate your organization’s 3D workflows with unparalleled power and control.

Key Features:

  • Reduce Manual 3D Creation Time: Polyhive’s Studio reduces manual 3D creation time by 90%.
  • Production Quality Assets: Create production-quality assets using its advanced AI technology in minutes.
  • Total Control and Precision: Utilize its AI Canvas, Preview Process, and 3D Inpainting features to generate 3D assets with total control and precision.
  • Customization: Customize your art style and graphics pipeline with custom AI models, broad filetype support, and a powerful API for easy integration into professional graphics workflows.

How it Works:

Polyhive uses advanced AI algorithms to automate 3D workflows, allowing you to generate high-quality assets quickly by utilizing features like AI Canvas and Preview Process.


Additional Features:

  • Automatic UVs: Texture 3D assets without the need to unwrap UVs manually.
  • AI Canvas: Ideate and iterate designs using the integrated AI Canvas before texturing.
  • API and SDK Integration: Easily integrate with existing production workflows through its REST API, Unity, and Unreal Engine SDKs.
  • Train Custom Generators: Train custom generators with your assets to ensure creations match your art style perfectly.
  • Fine-Grained Control: Utilize the best-in-class preview process or a separate concept image to bring your vision to life in 3D.
  • Tileable PBR Materials: Generate materials quickly with a concept image guiding the style of your ideal material or text.


Use Cases:

  • Gaming: It helps game development by speeding up asset creation and helping studios meet deadlines without losing quality.
  • Animation: Accelerate the modeling and texturing processes of 3D creation pipelines with the help of AI-enhanced tools that streamline the animation process.
  • Design: Inject AI capabilities into CAD workflows and architectural designs, swiftly modeling, texturing, and visualizing creations.


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