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Rose AI

Rose AI, your efficient research companion, your go-to assistant for quick and smart research, turbocharges the process of data discovery, cleansing, visualization, and transformation through the power of AI.

Key Features:

  • Easy Data Discovery: Rose connects with the best data sources globally, using smart AI to fetch information just by understanding your natural language.
  • Smart Data Reading: It reads and shows data in a way that makes sense, making it simple for you to understand and work with.
  • Mix of Creativity and Reliability: Imagine the creativity of SF tech mixed with the reliability of NY finance – that’s Rose for you.
  • Traceable Logic: Wondering where Rose gets its answers? You can follow its logic back to the original data, ensuring transparency.

Use Cases:

  • Quick Research: This tool streamlines the process, helping you find, clean, and use data without the usual hassle.
  • Visual Insights: Rose’s clever AI makes data easy on the eyes, turning complex numbers into clear insights.
  • Trustworthy Decisions: When you want reliable results that balance innovation and trust, Rose best for you – it’s perfect for financial matters.


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