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Safurai is an AI-powered IDE extension that assists developers with coding, debugging, and refactoring. It is just like your virtual assistant, which helps you with coding and enhances the overall software development process. By using this tool, you can improve the quality of your code and make your development process 10X more efficient.

Key Features of Safurai:

  • Virtual Assistant Brilliance: It’s your intelligent virtual assistant that provides solutions and suggestions for coding challenges.
  • Shortcuts for Efficiency: Employ Shortcuts by highlighting your code, allowing you to seek explanations, optimizations, or unit tests.
  • Tailored Training: It adapts to your project and provides highly accurate responses through tailored training.
  • Super Search Capabilities: Utilize natural language to search your projects effectively and find what you need with Safurai’s Super Search.
  • Supports Multiple languages: It supports popular coding languages (Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++, Go) and IDEs (VS Code, Rider, IntelliJ, Visual Studio PyCharm).


  • The Safurai textbox feature allows you to ask for information, advice, and ideas, enriched with generated code.
  • Streamline your coding by using Shortcuts to seek explanations, optimizations, or unit tests.
  • Train Safurai on your project to receive highly accurate and tailored responses that are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Its Super Search empowers you to search projects using natural language, ensuring effective information retrieval.


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