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Storyboard Hero

Storyboard Hero AI, is the cutting-edge Storyboard Generator ideal for video agencies and creators, You can create compelling video concepts and storyboards.

It’s AI offers a swift and efficient solution to generate, organize, and export visually appealing storyboards seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Rapid Concept and Script Generation: StoryboardHero AI enables users to generate video concepts and generate scripts in a matter of seconds.
  • Effortless Organization into Storyboards: The AI-driven platform seamlessly organizes generated concepts and scripts into cohesive storyboards.
  • AI-Generated Images for Scenes: Leverage the power of AI to generate images for storyboard scenes, enhancing visual representation and aiding in the visualization of the final video.
  • Hand Drawn Image: Users have the flexibility to request hand drawn images for scenes if desired.
  • PDF Storyboard Export: It allows users to export polished PDF storyboards with their branding, ensuring a professional presentation of creative ideas.

Use Cases:

Storyboard Hero is the ultimate solution for video agencies and creators looking to:

  • Accelerate Workflow: Drastically reduce the time required to generate scripts, video concepts, and storyboards, enabling faster project turnaround.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Cut down on costs associated with manual storyboard creation, it offers a cost-effective alternative by leveraging AI technology.
  • Visualize Ideas Efficiently: The AI generated images and organized storyboards provide a visual representation of ideas, aiding in efficient communication during the creative process.


Overall, Storyboard Hero offers a powerful tool that allows you to create storyboards and compelling video concepts easily and cost-effectiveness.

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