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Video Highlight

Video Highlight, is a tool that allows you to quickly summarize and extract notes from videos, just by pasting YouTube URL.

It uses cutting-edge AI technology to extract key points, and features such as highlight, timestamps, and screenshots, It also allows you to export notes directly into Notion or Readwise.

Key Features:

  • Quick summarize: Experience the quickest way to summarize and take notes from videos, reducing research time significantly.
  • Optimized for Desktops: Enjoy an enhanced experience on desktops, ensuring seamless functionality.
  • Tailored for Researchers: Designed with researchers, notetakers, and students in mind, Video Highlight streamlines the process of extracting valuable insights.
  • Cutting-edge AI: Leverage world-class performance and cutting-edge AI technology to extract key points effortlessly.

Use Cases:

  • Research Efficiency: Save hours in your research process by eliminating the need for extensive transcription, pausing, and rewinding.
  • Analytical Focus: Channel more time into exploring, analyzing, and absorbing content, thanks to Video High light time-saving capabilities.
  • Market Research: Streamline your market research process by minimizing transcription efforts and sharpening your analytical focus.
  • Engaging with Video Content: Highlight videos just as you would articles or books, enabling a novel and efficient way to engage with video content.
  • Text Skimming: Quickly scan through the transcript before deciding to watch the entire video, ensuring an efficient and informed viewing experience.


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