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Convai is an advanced platform that offers conversational AI for virtual worlds and enhances characters with human-like conversation capabilities in games, metaverse, XR, and virtual world applications.

How It Works:

Its intuitive interface allows you to create intelligent characters along with plugins to connect them to character assets and virtual worlds.

Product Features:

  • Voice-to-Voice Interface: It offers a real-time voice-based interaction platform optimized for scalability, supporting millions of users.
  • Expertise Assurance: Address the common misinformation in large language models and incorporate a knowledge base for characters to ensure accurate query responses.
  • Environment Interaction: Characters possess the ability to perceive objects and entities within the environment and execute actions based on commands and requests.


Use Cases:

  • Enhanced Gaming and Learning: Enhance gaming, learning, and entertainment experiences with AI characters, enabling interactive virtual worlds.
  • AI Tutors in XR: Create AI tutors capable of delivering reliable expertise across various subjects, suitable for K12 education and university-level learning.
  • AI-Guided Training Applications: Enable AI-guided training applications in diverse domains such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and ecommerce.
  • AI Assistants in Virtual Worlds: Enhance visitor experiences in virtual worlds by adding AI assistants to bring more life to the virtual environments.



Convai AI easily integrates characters with any platform or game engine. It supports a range of platforms and plans to expand. Its Core APIs offer compatibility with any application, ensuring versatility and ease of integration.


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