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Rosebud AI

Rosebud AI is an innovative Game Maker Platform that converts text prompts into fully playable games using groundbreaking text-to-game prompts. Discover various AI-generated games developed by users, from Llama-Rrama to Agent X and the Cosmic Code.

Key Features:

  • AI-Generated Games: Get a collection of games crafted by the game maker community, including titles like Llama-Rrama, Agent X, and Anime Jester AI Character.
  • PixelVibe – AI Game Assets Generator: Create game assets effortlessly with Pixel Vibe. Generate character sprites, props, clothes, environments, and more with an AI-powered asset collaborator.
  • TOKKINGHEADS – AI Avatar Animation: Bring portraits and avatars to life using TOKKINGHEADS. Utilize video, text, or audio inputs to animate characters and art.
  • AI-Generated Skyboxes ( Enhances visual appeal with AI-generated skyboxes, providing stunning game backdrops.
  • Character Customization: Offers advanced options for creating diverse in-game personalities.
  • NPCs with AI: Implement intelligent AI-driven NPCs that react to players and their environment, enhancing immersion.
  • Dynamic RPG Design: Enhances role-playing games with features like adaptive difficulty and dynamic world-building.

Use Cases:

  • Game Modding: Gamers and modders can enhance their favorite games with AI-generated assets and experiences.
  • Game Asset Creation: Speeds up the creation of game assets, saving time and resources.
  • Indie Game Development: Ideal for indie developers looking to create unique, visually appealing games quickly.
  • Avatar-Based Apps: Perfect for apps requiring avatar customization and animation, such as social and role-playing apps.
  • Game Asset Creation: Speeds up the creation of game assets, saving time and resources.


Overall, Rosebud is an easy platform to create games, play and share with others, along with tools like PixelVibe and TokkingHeads to create assets and create avatar animations.


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