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CSM (Common Sense Machines) is the best AI tools that can turn 2D to 3D models, It’s AI platform effortlessly generate game engine ready 3D assets from single images and videos.

Key Features:

  • Advanced AI Technology: CSM employs cutting-edge AI technology, Convert 2D images into game engine ready 3D assets.
  • Versatile Format Support: Whether it’s a single image or a video, CSM accommodates various formats, providing flexibility in content creation.
  • Real time Rendering: Experience immediate results with real-time rendering, allowing users to visualize and modify their 3D assets dynamically.

Use Cases:

  • Game-Engine Integration: Game developers can seamlessly integrate 3D assets generated by CSM into their projects.
  • Architectural Visualization: Architects and designers can use CSM AI to transform image to 3D, and videos to 3D to enhance architectural visualization.
  • Educational Content Creation: Educators can leverage the platform to convert educational videos and images into interactive 3D content.
  • Product Prototyping: Businesses can use CSM for rapid prototyping by turning product images into 3D models, facilitating efficient design iterations.


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