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Pluto AI is a Financial Research Tool that offers financial insights and trading all in one place. This AI copilot is your personal financial analyst, providing instant assistance with your most significant financial questions.

Pluto AI utilizes judgment-free conversational AI to take the guesswork out of investing and provides real-time data using various indicators like – fundamentals, earning calls, market patterns, and price movements.

Key Features:

  • Real-time Answers: Receive instant answers to any financial question with data sourced from reputable platforms like Zachs, Motley Fool, Benzinga, Seeking Alpha, Market Watch, and Google.
  • Diverse Data Sources: It interprets data in real time from over 40 separate sources, ensuring you’re always well-informed about making good decisions.
  • Personalized Insights: Tailor-made insights based on your preferences, avoiding generic strategies, and customize prompts for daily tasks, weekly goals, or monthly deadlines to stay on track.

How It Works:

Pluto’s intelligent platform gathers real-time data from balance sheets, earning reports, short interest, insider trading, price history, and GDP. This up-to-date information assists you in making informed financial decisions.

Can be Used by:

  • Investors: Navigate the financial landscape with confidence, backed by real-time insights.
  • Traders: Leverage up-to-the-second data for strategic and informed trading decisions.
  • Finance Enthusiasts: Access vast financial information to stay ahead of the curve.


In summary, Pluto AI is the all-in-one AI of the future of finance, providing access to real-time data, intelligent summaries, and personalized insights.


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