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Kinetix is revolutionizing gaming engagement with its User-Generated Emote feature, This AI-powered tool allows players to create emotes and play directly within the game.

By integrating with just a few lines of code, game developers can empower players with unlimited expression capabilities, turning them into creators who generate custom emotes from videos.

Whether using a phone camera or any video, the Kinetix SDK seamlessly create animations and plays on avatars, it can also be used for Gaming, Social Networking, Entertainment Apps, Education, Live Streaming, E-commerce.

Key Features of Kinetix:

  • User Generated Emotes: Kinetix enables players to generate their own custom emotes, fostering creativity and individual expression within the game.
  • Video to Emote: You can create emotes from videos, adding a unique touch of the avatars.
  • Text to Emote: It enables the conversion of text prompts into engaging emotes for players’ avatars.
  • Easy Integration: Game developers can effortlessly integrate the User-Generated Emote feature with just a few lines of code, enhancing player engagement without complex implementation.
  • Animation from Videos: Players can generate custom emotes from videos.

Possible Use Cases:

  • Player Empowerment: Empower players to become creators by allowing them to generate custom emotes.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The User Generated Emote feature boosts game engagement by offering a unique and personalized expression channel for players.
  • Dynamic Avatars: With the ability to play animations on avatars, games integrated with Kinetix showcase dynamic and visually engaging player interactions.


In conclusion, Kinetix AI is reshaping the gaming landscape with its innovative User-Generated Emote feature. By providing players with the ability to create personalized emotes effortlessly.

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